We, at the ENERGYGURU, provide Home Energy Rating System (HERS) and Energy Star rating services to rate the efficiency of your home, identify cost-effective energy improvements and secure additional financing for improvements.


A Home Energy Rating is a measurement of a home’s energy efficiency, used primarily in the United States. Home energy ratings can be used for either existing or new homes. A home energy rating of an existing home allows a homeowner to receive a report listing any options for upgrading a home’s energy efficiency. The homeowners may then use the report to determine the most effective ways in which to upgrade the home’s energy efficiency. A home energy rating of a new home allows buyers to compare the energy efficiency of homes they are considering buying.

To provide Home Energy Ratings, individuals must attend a series of special HERS Rater training program and pass the national rater test. The industry standard for HERS training is a 40 hour course that spans between 5 and 10 days although some trainers offer self paced online programs. Students learn the basics of building science, proper use of duct blaster and blower door equipment, RESNET standards, and mortgage related information.

Our HERS Providers are CalCERTS Inc., and CHEERS


In 2003 CalCERTS, Inc. was approved by the California Energy Commission to become a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Provider. The company's mission is to fill the growing need in the Energy Efficiency industry for a technically superior, yet customer-oriented HERS Provider. CalCERTS, Inc. is a private organization that provides service, support, training and certification to HERS raters. HERS raters are independent contractors who are either independently operated or who sub-contract to larger energy rating firms. Raters charge their customers for site ratings and pay a fee to CalCERTS, Inc. for processing the ratings and issuing certification. CalCERTS, Inc. has developed and owns its own software which is approved by the California Energy Commission and is utilized by the HERS rater to enter rating data. CalCERTS, Inc. maintains the computer based registry of data as a repository of information that can be accessed by the HERS rater, building departments, contractors and government agencies.   

Pacific Gas and Electricity

Rebates for Residential New Construction. If interested, please call us for more information.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company works with California builders and the Environmental Protection Agency to offer energy-efficient new homes.

Energy Efficient Products (ENERGY STAR)

When looking for new homes or new products for your home, look for those that are a minimum of ENERGY STAR rated. See lists for several products that are energy efficient and may qualify for PG&Es Single Family Home Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs.

California Energy Commission

The California Energy Commission is the state's primary energy policy and planning agency. Created by the Legislature in 1974 and located in Sacramento, the Commission has five major responsibilities: 
  • Forecasting future energy needs and keeping historical energy data
  • Licensing thermal power plants 50 megawatts or larger
  • Promoting energy efficiency through appliance and building standards
  • Developing energy technologies and supporting renewable energy
  • Planning for and directing state response to energy emergency